A continuación adjuntamos un ejemplo de Ejercicio de Gramática y Vocabulario, como los te vas a encontrar en las Pruebas Selectivas. ¡Comprueba tu nivel!



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El material que le ofrece es:

  – Cuaderno de Texto, contiene 21 unidades didácticas en 141 páginas. El libro incluye ejercicios prácticos y ágiles para cada punto concreto, y tienen su solución en las páginas finales, en un intento de resultar útil a quien prepara por su cuenta la Prueba de Lengua Inglesa. Al final del libro, hay también un índice de materias para una mejor y más rápida localización de los distintos temas gramaticales y léxicos.

Asimismo es apto para la preparación de las pruebas de idiomas de inglés funcional (hasta para el personal que opte a las plazas de ingreso por Promoción y así estar exento de la prueba de lengua inglesa en el proceso selectivo.

El personal de que se presenta por la modalidad de Acceso Directo tiene que realizar las pruebas de Lengua Inglesa SIEMPRE.

Está dirigido tanto al personal que opte a las plazas de ACCESO DIRECTO como al personal de PROMOCIÓN y PROMOCIÓN INTERNA.

 – Cuadernos de Test de Examen de la prueba de Lengua Inglesa con más de 2000 preguntas de las pruebas de gramática y vocabulario y comprensión de textos cortos, con sus soluciones, procedente de los procesos selectivos de los últimos años.


1.- _____ Rome is in _____ Italy.

a) _____ / _____

b) The / _____

c) _____ / the

d) The / the

2.- She wants to be _____ actress.

a) a

b) an

c) _____

d) good

3.- _____books are mine.

a) That

b) Those

c) This

d) None

4.- I’m sorry I didn’t phone you. I lost _____ phone number.

a) you

b) yours

c) your

d) some

5.- I haven’t got _____ chocolates.

a) much

b) little

c) some

d) any

6.- _____ are you doing right now?

a) Which

b) What

c) Where

d) Who

7.- Alaska is _____ than Texas.

a) large

b) largest

c) more large

d) larger

8.- There is not _____ sugar in the cupboard.

a) many

b) much

c) a lot

d) some

9.- Kate is my friend. I know _____ well.

a) her

b) she

c) he

d) him

10.- The river _____ flows through the town is polluted.

a) which

b) who

c) whose

d) whom

11.- _____ car is this? It’s mine.

a) Whose

b) What

c) Which

d) Whom

12.- A year ago I _____ speak English well, but now I can.

a) couldn’t

b) cannot

c) didn’t

d) didn’t can

13.- Children, you _____ play with matches.

a) cannot

b) might not

c) should not

d) didn’t can

14.- As soon as she _____ tell her to see me.

a) will arrive

b) arrives

c) arrive

d) would arrive

15.- I _____ walk to work.

a) don’t ever

b) ever

c) have ever

d) had ever

16.- That is the hotel _____ we met for the first time.

a) where

b) that

c) in which

d) were

17.- It happened _____ time ago.

a) a lot of

b) a lot

c) very long

d) a long

18.- I went to a movie _____ Monday.

a) in

b) on

c) at

d) the

19.- Mary is _____ the babies.

a) looking for

b) looking after

c) looking

d) looking of

20.- It _____ when the car crashed.

a) was raining

b) rained

c) have rained

d) rains

21.- I _____ to work yesterday because I had an enormous headache.

a) went not

b) didn’t go

c) had not gone

d) don’t go

22.- Where are Ann and Rob? I _____ them for a couple of weeks.

a) haven’t seen

b) didn’t see

c) don’t see

d) hadn’t seen

23.- I _____ with my parents. Now I live in my own apartment.

a) used to live

b) ‘m living

c) had live

d) did live

24.- I _____ John yesterday.

a) haven’t seen

b) wish I have seen

c) must see

d) didn’t see

25.- I’m sitting in class right now. I _____ here since nine o’clock.

a) sit

b) am sitting

c) have been sitting

d) have sit

26.- There’s a film on TV tonight. _____ watch it.

a) I go to

b) I’m going to

c) I

d) I have

27.- We _____ it by next week.

a) will finish

b) finish

c) finished

d) will have finished

28.- Is he going to the cinema?

a) Yes, he does.

b) Yes, he do.

c) No, he doesn’t.

d) Yes, he is.

29.- Mr. Adams was born in England, _____.

a) was he?

b) wasn’t he?

c) did he?

d) didn’t he?

30.- I just moved from Florida to Siberia. I have never lived in a cold climate before, but _____ the cold

weather here.

a) I’m used to

b) I get used

c) I’m getting used

d) I’m getting used to

31.- Bob hasn’t gone _____ in years.

a) for fishing

b) to fish

c) fishing

d) fished

32.- If I were you, I’d _____ School.

a) give away

b) give off

c) give up

d) give out

33.- My friend Ilias, _____ lives in Greece, is a policeman.

a) than

b) that

c) which

d) who

34.- I won’t fix it _____ you give me the tools.

a) when

b) if

c) provided

d) unless

35.- If I were rich, I _____ buy a Ferrari.

a) would

b) will

c) _____

d) shall

36.- If I had woken up earlier, I _____ the train.

a) wouldn’t missed

b) wouldn’t have missed

c) hadn’t missed

d) wouldn’t had missed

37.- He is learning ironing _____ help his wife.

a) as

b) for to

c) for

d) so as to

38.- _____ ostriches have wings, they can’t fly.

a) Despite

b) Because

c) Even though

d) Howeve

39.- _____ being only five stories high, the Pentagon is one of the biggest office buildings in the world.

a) Despite

b) Because

c) Even though

d) However

40.- Sue is going to write the report. Rewrite the sentence in passive voice: ‘The report _____ by Sue’

a) will be written

b) is written

c) has been written

d) is going to be written

41.- He _____ to have stolen three banks.

a) is

b) is believed

c) believe

d) had

42.- I’m going to the hairdresser. Choose the correct sentence:

a) I’m going to have my hair cut.

b) I’m going to cut my hair.

c) I go to cut my hair.

d) I’m cutting my hair.

43.- It is important for students to do their homework. They _____ do their homework.

a) must to

b) have

c) can

d) should

44.- You better fasten your seatbelt. The plane is going to _____.

a) go off

b) take out

c) take off

d) leave off

45.- My cat is good _____ mice.

a) at catching

b) catching

c) on catching

d) in catching

46.- I’m afraid _____ rats.

a) at

b) of

c) from

d) with

47.- What does NATO _____?

a) mean

b) stand for

c) is

d) signification

48.- Have you ever been _____ London?

a) at

b) to

c) in

d) on

49.- I like playing football.

a) So do I.

b) As I do.

c) I also.

d) Same than me.

50.- She is married _____ my cousin.

a) with

b) at

c) to

d) from


1 A

2 B

3 B

4 C

5 D

6 B

7 D

8 B

9 A

10 A

11 A

12 A

13 D

14 B

15 A

16 A

17 D

18 B

19 B

20 A

21 B

22 A

23 A

24 D

25 C

26 B

27 D

28 D

29 B

30 D

31 C

32 C

33 D

34 D

35 A

36 B

37 D

38 C

39 A

40 D

41 B

42 A

43 D

44 C

45 A

46 B

47 B

48 B

49 A

50 C

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